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However, Chief Constable Mike Veale has apologised to MPs and peers for the operation being launched in front of cameras outside Heath’s former house.

It comes after The Mail on Sunday revealed how an expert brought in by police to assess claims that Heath had been linked to a network of paedophiles who held satanic orgies, dismissed them as fantasy.

But the man, who cannot be named and is now in his 60s, is a currently serving a long prison sentence for his campaign of sexual abuse of a teenager.

The convicted paedophile has previously been jailed for other abuse and has a history of dishonesty and uses several aliases, according to the Daily Mirror.

Sir Edward Heath's main accuser has today been unmasked as a convicted paedophile now in jail while a criminologist on the £1.5m inquiry said police demanded he prove the late MP was guilty.

The alleged victim claims the former prime minister raped him as an 11-year-old during a paid-for sex session at a London house in 1961.

Yesterday it was revealed that among the 'fantasy' claims that officers eventually abandoned were: Among the most incredible accusations was that Sir Edward sexually abused children and even murdered them on his yachts.

A keen sailor, Sir Edward owned five yachts between 19, all of which he named Morning Cloud.

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Two people remain on police bail after being arrested but it is not known if they had any connection to Heath.He said Mr Veale acknowledged it had been ‘wrong’ for Superintendent Sean Memory to launch the investigation outside Heath’s former Salisbury home in 2015, as it ‘tended to imply there was a case to answer’.A spokesman for the local Police and Crime Commissioner, Angus Macpherson, said he ‘continues to monitor the progress of the investigation and its cost and he remains satisfied with the progress’.Not one of those former crew members linked Sir Edward to any instances of child abuse, or that children were even ever taken aboard his various boats.All of the accusations were dismissed by police officers, who were also unable to link the murder claims to any missing children cases.

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