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Package footprint/dimensions can be found in the ESP32-PICO-D4 Datasheet.

The ESP32-based Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communication modules in the table below are surface-mount devices (SMD).

All ESP32 chips thus far have been manufactured using TSMC's ultra-low power 40 The Processor Cores column above lists number of cores for the central processor; this number excludes the ULP co-processor.

See ECO (Engineering Change Order) and Workarounds for Bugs in ESP32 for differences between revision 0 and revision 1.

Before ordering, read all product descriptions and check vendor ratings when possible.

Prices listed below are approximate and do not include shipping costs.

👉 For news and information, follow @ESP32net on Twitter!Furthermore, development boards often contain on-board components to aid in easy prototyping & programming — e.g., power-supply/regulation, USB-to-UART, and buttons for flashing & resetting.Basic breakout boards (for modules) without any programming buttons and often without any other components (but some have capacitors); breaking out the surface-mount module's tightly-spaced castellated edge connections into wider-spaced connections for headers.Disclaimer: Vendors are listed here for informational purposes only.Buyers should use prudence and careful judgement when ordering.

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