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Any animal that knew about the gap would be able to leave the pasture, but no animals on the outside would be able to get in…at least without help.This gap was dangerous – it needed to be repaired quickly.It is simply not possible though, that unsteady Tailpipe could’ve made off with that much grain.Tailpipe in turn (and most of the other chickens), were holding a grudge against Martha, the matriarchal ewe.One bobbin will be: dark, light, light One bobbin will be: dark, dark, light I think this will transition the yarn from mostly black on one end, to mostly color, in a smoothish way? Signups are open until December 30 and all the details are available in the Etsy listing.) Chapter Two A lot of things weren’t making sense.Cora finished measuring a gap in the fence and put her tape measure back into her project bag.In fact, the whole herd of goats were suspiciously keeping their mouths shut. Not only that, but there were kernels of corn on the ground.It seemed as though Cora had found the thieves’ escape route.

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The suspicion was not unreasonable, but Martha was with the flock when the theft occurred. If guilt could be determined by polling the sheep, the goats would’ve been locked up.

Every other sheep backed up her alibi, and indeed, many of the chickens grudgingly did as well. Opportunistic troublemakers that would literally pull the hay right from the mouth of a young lamb, the whole lot of ‘em.

After sorting through the noise, Cora really started focusing on two theories: 1) Woodland critters had found or created a gap in the pasture fence, and exploited it to gain access to the barn, and thus the prized corn. Especially maligned was the cute little black and white one named Pickles.

Pickles had a reputation for getting into places she shouldn’t be.

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