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Gang rape is sometimes stereotyped in media as a crime of poor, minorities, or culture; however, gang rape incidence rates are high in wealthy college campuses, among non-minorities and every culture.

over 70% of the victims were gang raped by rapists of same race and religion.

Two thirds of the gang rape perpetrators claimed entertainment as their motive, 30% claimed they participated in gang rape out of anger and to inflict punishment on the victim, while 11% indicated the crime followed alcohol consumption.

A Lancet study reports 2.2% of men in China admitted to having committed gang rape (multiple perpetrator rape) of a non-partner woman.

In July 2013, the son of a Chinese general was charged with four other men to being part of a gang rape.

This case raised significant public anger over seemingly privileged treatment of elite gang rape criminals.

This is an incomplete list of countries, where government and/or media have acknowledged the problem of gang rape.

A 2013 Lancet study reports 1.9% of all rural men in Bangladesh have committed multiple perpetrator rape (gang rape) of a woman who was not a partner, compared to 1.4% urban men.

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