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Speaking of which, gold, items, and artifacts come as battle and quest rewards, of course, but may also be found lying out in the open, which really can make exploration and working through side quests worthwhile.

The leaderboard will be published on a regular basis on all official communication channels giving a clear overview of the current status and recent updates.But online community centers on combat, and MMHO has quite a legacy to live up to.Traditionally, Heroes of Might and Magic are known for the iconic use of tabletop grid-style turn-based battles that the player is dropped into (Final Fantasy style, but with more units and tactical options), from the exploration- and quest-driven campaign map (which is not turn-based, as in previous iterations of the series).The presenter explained that this was exactly the case with his first attempt at this boss, but he'd spent literally hours gathering gold in the north to hire more and better minions and equipping them to aid in the fight.As it was, he lost one minor minion, which was easily revived with a little gold.

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