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This is the third post in a three part series on the possible signs of asexuality.

The items discussed here aren’t meant to be any kind of “Am I Ace?

” checklist, so it’s okay if you don’t identify or agree with any of them.

They’re just experiences that I’ve seen pop up over and over when asexuals talk about their lives.

R.)再 again再加热 to reheat再见 goodbye再说 what's more冒充 to feign/pass oneself off as/pretend to be冒犯 to offend冒险家 adventurer写 to write写作 writing / written works军训 military practice/drills农业 agriculture; agricultural农历 Lunar (Chinese traditional) calendar农民 farmer/peasant农药 pesticides农贸市场 produce market冠军 champion/championship冤枉 wronged/unjust treatment/to wrong冬天 winter冰川 glacier冰柜 freezer冰淇淋 ice cream冰箱 refrigerator (台, 个)冲动 impetus/impulse冲突 conflict/contention/to be in conflict with冷 cold冷冻 to freeze (food, etc)冷清 cold and cheerless冷漠 cold and detached/indifferent冻 to freeze准备 to prepare/get ready准时 on time 凉快 cool凌晨 very early in the morning减少 to decrease/lower/lessen/reduce减肥 to be on a diet凑合 to make do/be passable/be not too bad几 how many几乎 almost/nearly/practically凤凰 The Phoenix凶 vicious/fierce/terrible凹凸不平 bumpy出 to go or come out出乎 to go beyond/go against (expectations)出事 to have an accident 出发 to set out/start off出差 to go on a business trip出汗 to sweat出现 appearance; to appear出生 to be born出租 to hire/rent出租车 taxi出纳 cashier出色 outstanding刀 knife刀豆 string beans分 minute/0.01 yuan分为 to divide something/subdivide分之 percentage; portions of分享 to share分布 distribution分开 to separate分手 to split up / to break up分手 to break up/split up分散 scatter/disperse/distribute分析 to analyze/analysis分类 to classify/sort/classification切 to cut刊 to print/publish (magazine)刑 penalty/sentence划下来 to mark/highlight part of a text刚 just/a short while ago刚才 just now创口贴 band-aid创意 creative/creativity/innovation创新 innovation/to innovate创造 to create/produce删除 to delete判决 to make/a judgment (by a court of law)判刑 to pass a sentence on/sentence smn to利息 interest (on a loan) 利用 to use利益 benefit/interest (个)别 don't别人 others/other people别墅 villa别扭 awkward别的 other刮 to blow; to scrape; to shave刮胡刀 razor刮脸 to shave one's face到 to arrive到......去 to go to到处 everywhere到底 finally/in the end到目前为止 thus far/up till now/to date制作 to make/manufacture制动 brakes制图 cartography/to make maps制度 institution/system制服 uniform制造 to manufacture/manufacturing刷牙 to brush one's teeth券 coupon/ticket刺激 to provoke/stimulate/excite刺眼 dazzling, harmful to the eyes刻 quarter刻板 stiff/inflexible/stubborn/engraving blocks刻板印象 stereotype刻苦 hardworking/assiduous/painstaking刻薄 harsh/mean/unkind前卫 avant-garde前台 reception desk/front of stage前年 year before last前往 to go to/leave for/proceed towards前边 front/in front前途 future prospects/outlook剑 sword剥 to peel剥削 to exploit/exploitation剧 opera/play剧团 opera troupe剧情 story line/plot剧情片 drama (film, etc)剩 to have as a remainder剩余 remainder / surplus剪纸 paper cutting副词 adverb割 to cut割伤 cut (injury)力气 strength劝 to urge/exhort/advise办 to do/make办公室 office办法 way/means/measure/method办理 to handle/transact/conduct功夫 kung fu/effort/labor功能 function/capability加 to add/increase加入 to become a member/join/add into加利福尼亚 California加强 to reinforce/strengthen加快 to accelerate / to speed up加拿大 Canada加油 to cheer someone on动 to move动作 movement/action助手 assistant助教 teaching assistant助理 assistant努力 to make a great effort/endeavor劳动 labor; to labor劳动力 labor/labor force/manpower劳驾 excuse me势利 snobbish势利小人 snob势力关系 power relations势力范围 sphere of influence勇敢 brave勇气 courage勤俭 hardworking and thrifty/frugal勤奋 diligent/hardworking勺子 spoon勾引 to seduce/tempt包 to wrap包价旅游 package tour包办婚姻 arranged marriage/forced marriage 包含 to contain/include/embody包容 tolerant/forgiving包括 to include包裹 parcel/package化 to change化妆 to put on makeup化学 chemistry化肥/肥料 fertilizer化验 to have a medical test北 north北京 Beijing北冰洋 Arctic Ocean北朝鲜 North Korea北极 north pole北极 north pole匹 meas. 哪 which哪里 where哭 to cry/weep哲学 philosophy哲理 a philosophy唇 lip唉 alas oh dear唉 alas/oh dear唐代 Tang Dynasty唐明黄 Emperor Tang Minghuang唐朝 Tang Dynasty唐突 to be rude/offend唐老鸭 Donald Duck售票员 ticket seller/conductor售货员 salesperson唯一 only/sole唱歌 to sing a song啃老族 20-somethings who depend on their parents商 trade/commerce商品 commodity商场 market/bazaar/shopping mall商店 shop/store商标 logo/trademark啤酒 beer啦 la喀拉昆仑山 Karakorum Mountains喀斯特 karst喂 hello/hey善变 fickle/prone to changing ones mind善良 kind-hearted/honest喇叭 horn (car, musical, etc)喉咙 throat喊 shouting; to shout喔 I see/Oh! creature comforts)奥巴马 Barack Obama奥林匹克 Olympics女 female女儿 daughter女权主义 feminism女权主义 feminism奴隶 slave/slavery奶奶 grandmother (father's side)奸商 crooked businessman 好 good好久不见 long time no see好事 good deed 好像 to seem/be like好处 benefit/advantage好奇 curious/inquisitive好好先生 yes man/goody goody two shoes好感 favorable impression/good opinion好看 good-looking好莱坞 Hollywood如何 how/what way/what如果 if妆 makeup妈妈 mom妒忌 jealous/jealousy妖艳 pretty and flirtatious/coquettish妥协 to compromise/a compromise妹妹 younger sister妻子 wife始终 all along/throughout/from beginning to end姐姐 older sister姑娘 young lady (antiquated)姓名 name委员 committee member委员会 committee委屈 wronged (unfairly)姜 ginger姿势 posture/position娘娘腔 sissy/effeminate man娱乐 entertainment婴孩 baby媒人 matchmaker媒体 media (i.e.

for horses区域 region/regional医学院 medical school医生 doctor医药费 medical expenses医院 hospital十分 fully/completely/utterly/extremely十字绣 cross-stitch千 thousand千万 by all means半 half半天 a long time (coll.)半岛 peninsula华丽 gorgeous华侨 overseas Chinese华尔街 Wall Street华盛顿 Washington (D. (surprise, realization)喜剧 comedy喜欢 to like/prefer喝 to drink喷 to spray喷嚏 to sneeze喷泉 fountain嗅觉 sense of smell嗓子 throat嗨 hey! news media)嫦娥 Goddess of the Moon嫦娥奔月 Chang'e flying to the Moon子宫 uterus/womb子弹 bullet孔子 Confucius孔雀 peacock孕妇 pregnant woman字体 calligraphic style/typeface/font字幕 subtitles/captions字形 typeface/font (for Chinese characters)字画 calligraphy and painting字面 literal存 to store/keep/deposit/存款 bank deposit孙中山 Sun Yat-sen孙女儿 granddaughter (son's side)孙子 grandson孙悟空 The Monkey King孜孜 diligent / hardworking孝顺 filial piety/to show filial piety季节 season孤僻 antisocial/reclusive/eccentric孤儿 orphan孤独 lonely学习 to study/learn学位 academic degree,学刊 academic journal学校 school学生 student学院 school孩子 child宁夏 Ningxia (Huí A.

Formal)帮倒忙 to be more hindrance than help帮助 to help帮忙 to help常常 often常见 commonly seen/common帽子 hat幅 meas.

for paintings幌子 veneer/pretense 幡 prayer flag干 dry干净 clean干杯 Cheers!

for immovable objects座右铭 motto/maxim (句)康复 to get well/recover (health)廉价 cheaply-priced延伸 to extend延误 to be delayed (plane, etc)延长 to extend/extension建立 to build/establish/set up建筑师 architect建议 to make suggestions/suggestion建设 to build/construct (abstract)建设性批评 constructive criticism开 to open/start开刀 to have an operation开发 to develop (agent-based)开口 to open one's mouth/cause embarrassment开国元勋 founding fathers开始 to start/begin开学 to start school开拓 to open up/develop开朗 carefree/easy-going/open开玩笑 to crack a joke/make fun of开花 to bloom开车 to drive a car开通 to open up 开门 to open the door/open (for business)开门见山 to get right to the point/to be direct异国 exotic/foreign异性 of the opposite sex/heterosexual弊端 corruption/malpractice/abuse式 style/type引 to divert/lead引入 to lead to/draw into/pull into引发 to initiate/spark引起 to give rise to/lead to/cause/arouse弟子 disciples弟弟 younger brother弯 to bend弱势群体 disadvantaged/marginalized/disposessed people弹 to play (guitar, piano, etc)强力 powerful强大 large/formidable/powerful/strong强度 intensity/strength强求 to force (sb to do smth)/insist强烈 intense/strong (feeling, etc)强调 to emphasize/stress强迫 to force/compel强迫 to compel / to force当 to serve as/become当成 to regard as/treat as/take for当然 of course/as it should be/only natural that当真 to take seriously当选 to be elected当面 in one's presence/in someone's face录像 video录取 to be admitted by/at录用 to hire (an employee)录音 sound recording; record彝族 Yi形容词 adjective形状 shape/form彩排 dress rehearsal彩色 colorful彩虹 rainbow彩铃 ringback tone影响 influence; to effect影子 shadow彻底 thorough / thoroughly / complete往 towards/to往往 often/frequently往返 round trip征服 to conquer/subdue/vanquish待遇 treatment/wages/pay/benefits很 very律师 lawyer徒步旅行 hiking/trekking得 particle/must/to get得到 to get得很 very much得知 to find out/know/learn about循环 circulate/circle/loop/cycle微妙 subtle/delicate微波炉 microwave微笑 to smile微软 Microsoft微风 breeze/light wind德国 Germany心急 hurried/impatient/short-tempered心情 mood/state of mind心灵 soul心理 psyche/mind/mentality心理学 psychology心理学 psychology心脏 heart (organ)心静 calm必然 inevitable必胜客 Pizza Hut必要性 necessity必须 to need; must忌妒 to be jealous of/envy忌讳 taboo忍 to endure/tolerate志愿者 to/volunteer/voluntary/voluntarily忘 to forget忙 busy忙碌 busy/bustling忠告 advice/to advise忠实 faithful忧患 suffering/misery/hardship忧愁 worried/depressed忧虑 worry/anxiety/apprehension快 fast/quick快乐 happy快慢 speed快速 high-speed念 to read (out loud)忽悠 to dupe/con忽然 suddenly忽略 to neglect/overlook/ingnore怀念 to cherish the memory of/think of怀疑 to doubt/suspect/doubt/suspicion/skeptical态度 attitude怎么 how/why怎么回事 what's the matter? word collocations)摄影 photography/to take a photo摆 to put/place/set/display摇滚 rock n' roll摇篮 cradle (literal, as well as civilization)摊位 vendor's booth摘要 summary/abstract摧毁 to destroy/wreck摩托车 motorcycle撒娇 throw a tantrum (child)/act whiny in a cute way (girls)撒谎 to tell lies撞 to knock/collide擅长 to be expert in/adept at/good at操场 playground操心 to worry about操纵 to manipulate擦 to rub; to wipe擦掉 to wipe攀岩 mountain climbing支 bands, songs, rod-like things like pens支 meas.starting from ...从前 previously从来 all along/always/never从此 henceforth/from now on仓促 hurried仓库 warehouse/storehouse仔细 detailed他们 them付 to pay仙女 fairy/female immortal代替..而是 instead of…rather代沟 generation gap代理服务器 proxy server代表 representative; to represent代词 pronoun代课 substitute令人 to make smn/cause sb (feel/to do smth)以上 more than/above/over以下 less than/below/under以为 to have thought that以便 in order to/so as to/so that以内 within/less than以前 before/formerly/previously以及 as well as/too/and以后 after/afterwards以外 apart from/other than/except for以此 thus件 meas.价值 value/worth (literal and figurative)价值观 system of values任何 any; any任何时候 anytime任性 headstrong/willful/stubborn任意 at will/randomly/arbitrarily份 for gifts, media, papers, reports, contracts份 meas. 嗯 oh/mm/mhm嘎嘎 funny sound (quack/honk)嘲讽 to sneer at/ridicule/taunt嘴巴 mouth嘻哈 hip hop嘻嘻 hee hee / happy嘿 hey噢 sudden realization器 utensil/instrument器械 instrument/apparatus/equipment回 to return回信 reply/to reply回复 to reply/re:回忆 to reminisce/recollect/recall回想 to recall/think back/recollect回扣 commission to middleman回收 to recycle回答 to answer因为 because因此 thus/consequently/as a result因素 factor/element团体 group/organization/team团结 to unite/united/unity团聚 to reuinte/gather together园林 garden/park园艺 gardening困 sleepy / doze off困扰 perplex / cause complications困难 difficulty; difficult围 to surround围巾 scarf固体 solid固定 fixed/set/regular国会 Congress国共内战 Chinese Civil War国内 domestic (trade, tourism, GDP, etc)国外 abroad/overseas/foreign国家 country国有 nationalized/state-owned/public国籍 nationality国防 defense国际 international图书馆 library图标 icon (computer/smiley)图片 picture/photograph圆 circle; to justify圆形 circle圈子 circle (of friends, etc)土地 soil/land/territory土木工程 civil engineering土著 aboriginal圣经 The Bible圣诞 Christmas在 at在于 to lie in/rest with/depend on ("the key to…lies in…")在这之前 before then/up until that point地上 ground/floor地中海 Mediterranean Sea地图 map地址 address地平线 horizon地形 topography/terrain地方 place/location地方戏 regional opera地理 geography地瓜 sweet potato地貌 relief / landform (geol.)地道 authentic/genuine/pure地铁 subway地震 earthquake场 meas.for books本义 original meaning / literal sense本子 notebook本来 originally/at first本科生 undergraduate student本质 essence/intrinsic quality本身 itself/in and of itself朴素 simple/plain机 machine机会 opportunity机器 machine; mechanical机场 airport机智 resourceful/quick-witted杀 to kill杂志 magazine杂牌 inferior brand权威 power/authority (abstract)材料 material村 village村庄 village/hamlet束 meas. for long, narrow objects条件 condition条款 clause (项)来 to come来回 round trip来源 source来自 to come from (a place)杭州 Hangzhou杯 cup/glass松树 pine tree极了 extremely构成 to constitute/form/compose/make up构造 structure/composition枕头 pillow果断 decisive/firm果然 sure enough/as expected果酱 jam枪 gun枯燥 dull/boring/tedious/uninteresting某个时候 a certain time某处 somewhere柔和 gentle/soft柔软 soft柜 cupboard/cabinet柠檬 lemon查 to check/look up查看 to look over/examine/check up柬埔寨 Cambodia柳树 willow标志 sign/mark/symbol/logo标志性建筑 landmark building标点符号 punctuation标记 to/label/mark标语 slogan/poster标题 title/heading/headline/subject栋 for buildings and houses栏目 column (newspaper, website, etc)树 tree栖所 habitat样子 appearance/manner/aspect/pattern核心 core/nucleus核武器 nuclear weapon核能 nuclear energy根 base根 facial hair, cigarettes, guitar strings根基 foundation根据 according to / based on格局 structure/pattern/layout栽培 to cultivate/nurture/foster桃子 peach框架 frame/framework/outline案例 case桌子 table/desk桥 bridge梅 plum梦 dream梦想 to dream of/to hope in vain梨 pear 梯子 ladder梳子 comb (把)检查 to examine检索 to retrieve (data)/look up/search棉花 cotton棒 good/fine (coll.)棒球 baseball棕 brown森林 forest棵 meas.for plants, trees椅子 chair植物 plant椰子 coconut楼 building/floor概况 general situation/summary概念 concept/idea概括 to summarize / to generalize 榜 list of best students榜样 example/model (role model)模仿 to imitate/copy/emulate (culture, etc)模型 model/mold模式 mode/method模特 fashion model模糊 blurry/vague/hazy樱桃 cherry橄榄球 American football橘子 orange橙 orange橙子 orange橡胶 rubber欠 to owe次 meas.

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