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,250 went to the Kobe Department of Education for elementary school textbooks, ,800 to a group of handicapped workers whose factory had been leveled, and ,000 to a community of citizens still forced to live in tents in a public park nine months later.

As I handed the money to these recipients, the thanks in their eyes made me glad I had brought the money personally.

With minimal marketing muscle behind it, Pro Elite will quietly put on its second show, an HDNet-televised affair headlined by a heavyweight matchup between former UFC champ Tim Sylvia and Andreas Kraniotakes on Nov. A closer look, though, reveals why the cage in the episode is filled with Pro Elite-branded corner pads.

According to reports, Viacom, the parent company of CBS, remains a 20 percent equity holder in the publicly traded Pro Elite (stock symbol PELE).

Any member of the congregation would be happy to speak with you about joining, but Jessica Newmark is the chair of the membership committee and can help you with any questions or details.

This year they planted about 60 acres of black oil sunflowers.I handled sales and distribution, and differentiated our shirt from the many other charity efforts at the time with the promise to buyers of clear documentation of who had received their money.In September, 1995, I hand-carried more than ,000 to Kobe. I’ve lived here many years, but I must admit that I have never really encountered all that many sunflowers.So I began to wonder – Are there really any sunflowers in The Sunflower State? Grinter and his family at Grinter Farms plants large fields of sunflowers each year.

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