Alcoholics anonymous no dating

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If you or someone you know is in need of help because of drug and/or alcohol abuse, please give us a call.Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive addiction treatment in the Baltimore City, Baltimore County and entire Maryland area.She was 31 and in love, eager to move ahead on the path to maturity—marriage, a family, stability.She had a good job in the customer-service department of a large medical supply firm, and was settling into a condo she had recently bought near her childhood home in California's San Fernando Valley.Their relationship blossomed as the couple attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings several times a week.But there was much Karla didn't know about the tall blond man who said he was an AA old-timer.

But early that spring two years ago, she told her parents and younger sister that she had met a charming, kind, and handsome man who understood what she had been through.

While the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and many other 12 Step fellowships are filled to the brim with amateur philosophers, let’s remember a true story about the rooms of recovery: They are filled with people that cannot manage their own lives…but would be more than happy to takes yours on.

The truth of the matter is that relationships are vitally important in the lives of someone newly clean and sober: a relationship with a sponsor, a relationship with a home group, a relationship with the fellowship and a relationship with a power greater than themselves.

Many people in recovery have heard the advice “don’t get into any relationships in your first year” or the ever insightful “two sickies don’t make a welly”.

There is other helpful insight such as “if you date in early recovery, be prepared to move in on the second date” and perhaps my favorite is rather than the Alcoholics Anonymous triangle of “Unity, Service, Recovery” there’s the new AA triangle: The apartment, the car and the girl.

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